Hugo Kubinyi, Lectures

(detail of Medicine)

Gustav Klimt, 1900-1907

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Drug Discovery (758 kB)

Serendipity and Rational Design (374 kB)

Chemogenomics (1,453 kB)

Ligand-Receptor Interactions (647 kB)

Hydrogen Bonds and Biological Activities (359 kB)

Chemical Similarity and Biological Activities (686 kB)

Drug Metabolism (501 kB)

Peptidomimetics and Prodrugs (294 kB)

Combinatorial Chemistry Technology (147 kB)

Combinatorial Chemistry in Drug Research (215 kB)

QSAR Parameters (284 kB)

QSAR - Hansch and Free Wilson Analyses (153 kB)

Variable Selection and Model Validation (935 kB)

Nonlinear QSAR and 3D QSAR (173 kB)

QSAR Examples (138 kB)

Structure-Based Ligand Design (782 kB)

Computer-Aided Ligand Design (850 kB)

Pharmacophore Analyses (486 kB)

Virtual Screening (299 kB)

Combinatorial and Fragment-Based Ligand Design (945 kB)

Serine Proteases and their Inhibitors (371 kB)

Thrombin Inhibitor Design (332 kB)

Problems in Drug Design (1,043 kB)

Other Lectures

Solving Problems in Lead Optimization
              Lecture  at the IX EWDD, Siena, Italy, May 2013

Drug Design - Problems in Prediction
              Lecture  at the CCG User Meeting,
              Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 2013

Drug Metabolism
              Lecture  at the 10th Swiss Course on Medicinal
              Chemistry, Leysin, Switzerland, October 2012

Prodrugs and Soft Drugs
              Lecture  at the 10th Swiss Course on Medicinal
              Chemistry, Leysin, Switzerland, October 2012

The Long Road from QSAR to Virtual Screening
              Lecture  at the 18th EuroQSAR, Rhodes, Greece,
              September 2010

Reflections on Discovery in Science
              Lecture  at the Pharmacy Graduation Ceremony,
              CEU, Madrid, Spain, April 2009

Drug Discovery Technologies - A Closer Look
             Lecture at the RSC Chemistry Day, Cambridge, UK, April 2009

Fragment-Based Design - A Promising Strategy
              Lecture at the EuroCUP III, Toledo, Spain, April 2009

Changing Paradigms in Drug Discovery
              Nauta Award Lecture  at the XXth ISMC, Vienna, Austria,
              August 2008

Living in Castalia - The Pitfalls in 'Rational' Design
             Lecture at the EuroCUP II, Strasbourg, France, April 2008

Chemical Biology and Chemogenomics in Drug Discovery
              Lecture  at the FEBS Meeting 2007, Vienna, Austria, July 2007

Chemogenomics and Drug Discovery
             Round Table Presentation at the FEBS 2007
              Vienna, Austria, July 2007

Arzneimittelforschung - Vom Zufall zum Entwurf
             (Lecture, in German, at the University of Karlsruhe,
             Germany, July 2007)

Chemical Biology and Chemogenomics in Drug Discovery
              (Lecture at the EMBO Meeting, Hamburg, June 2007)

Why Models Fail
              (Herman Skolnik Award Lecture, ACS Meeting
              San Francisco, September 2006)

Virtual Screening - The Road to Success
              (Lecture at the XIX ISMC, Istanbul, September 2006)

Changing Paradigms in Drug Discovery
             (Lecture at the RSC MMG, London, UK, October 2005)

Drug Discovery Case Studies
             (Master Course Lecture, Erlangen, July 2005)

In Search for New Leads
             (Lecture at the 41st IMMC, Paris, France, July 2005)

From Leads to Drugs
             (Lecture at the JMMC, Vienna, Austria, June 2005)

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